4 May 2018

How i made over $3000 Last Month by Filling Airdrop Forms

Filling Airdrop forms is now another means of making money online and at the same time, securing your future if you HODL. Since the inception of cryptocurrency in the World, we have been exposed to different avenues of making money within the cryto-world. Cryptocurrency popularity started with Bitcoin,with the founder as Nakamoto Satoshi who exposes the world to another means/form of money.
In this brief article, i am going to show you how to make airdrops your main stream of income. 
Airdrop is known as a free coin/Token in which developer/founder distribute to communities for free or for performing small task such as; following their twitter pages, facebook pages, posting about them on Facebook, Subscribing to their reddit/youtube channel and lots more. This is done to ensure early distribution of the coin and Many coins nowadays that have made it to coinmarketcap.com have actually done their airdrop in the past by giving their loyalist/community member some shares of the coin.
Airdrop are mostly done before pre-ico, ico/token sale and some are done during ico or without ico.

Using Bitcoin as an example ,when bitcoin was at its early stage, when it wasn't upto a dollar some people received it's airdrop which is as small as 20 coin of token in 2008, after bitcoin breakthrough imagine you kept the coin till 2017 which one bitcoin is worth $5000+ upward. Now do the calculation( you have just made yourself $100,000) is it not cool?.
However Airdrop requires you to perform some task by filling some google docs form. Some even requires you to send few amount of ether(Etherium) to them to give you bonus after purchasing the token, others require you to have an already set minimum balance in your ether wallet or carryout some transaction on that wallet.Before filling an airdrop form, here are some requirement /tools you need;
  1. ERC-20 Wallet e.g 0x7Fcd09C6369D7612427C0b365e8deb04b950A275
  2. Twitter profile link
  3. Twitter username
  4. Telegram username
  5. Email id
  6. Username
  7. Discord
How to get update on Airdrop
You can get legit updates on airdrop by joining my telegram channel and my Whatsapp group. In the channel, i will provide you with legit airdrop forms to fill.


  1. How can I start filling my own form too to start making money from DAVIESHUBS

    1. Read the instructions please and join my telegram channel above to get started


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