63 games and apps on Google Play served porn ads

63 games and apps on Google Play served porn ads
Thankfully, these games and apps have been banned/removed from Google Play. If you don't have the habit of checking apps and games from Google Play, i think my article will definitely make you change your ways.

A popular security firm "Check point" recently discovered a very strong malicious code hiding called "AdultSwine", the AdultSwine was recently discovered inside 63 games and apps before they were removed by Google.

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The Malicious code called (AdultSwine) were found to be targeted towards kids, they served porn related ads. Recently, we had a review from a user on one of the apps, He stated that; AdultSwine has been around since November, 2017, he also said that the Adultswine malicious code can do more than show porn related ads.

In addition to serving porn related ads on the apps and games, AdultSwine can also show fake malware notifications, instructing you to download an antivirus app for your smartphone that is actually loaded with malware.

These apps and games have really spread around the word, can you believe over 7 millions users have download them and 65% are kids.

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Google has systems in place meant to prevent apps with shady programs like these from making it to the Play Store and into people's phones. This isn't the first time those systems didn't work, but the fact that the host apps were something kids would download makes this scheme very dangerous.

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