Image/Video: Mark Zuckerberg uses Oculus to visit Puerto Rico in VR

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to visit the flooded "Puerto Rico" Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook demonstrates with videos and images how he tours the popular flooded "Puerto Rico" as a (VR) virtual reality cartoon and he also talked about the exciting time he spent there.
It has been three (3) years now since Facebook purchased its virtual reality headset-maker The Great "Oculus VR" for a huge amount of $2 billion approximately N720, 000,000,000 (Seven Hundred an Twenty Billion Naira) in Nigerian Currency as at the time of writing this post.

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Mark Zuckerberg is demonstrating the unique ways he uses VR with series of images and videos that i have uploaded in this post. While the rest of us goof around with friends, take selfies, and go live on the social network's virtual reality experience (known as Facebook Spaces).

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Facobook's CEO "Mark Zuckerberg" plugs in to coordinate his humanitarian endeavors in the course of his latest Virtual Reality (VR- Livestream), Mark Zuckerberg met with Facebook's head of social Virtual Reality "Mr. Rachel Dwyer". After their meeting, they then decided to set course for Puerto Rico to explain how the VR giant is making use machine learning as a part of its relief efforts on the island.

For Mark to make the transition from California to Carribbean, He used a 'transportation orb'. Don't get it wrong, its not one of those you see in sci-Fi movies that kids normally watch at home, it's just an interactive 360 video backdrop that automatically allows you to transition from a particular location to another. 

Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook's 'Oculus VR'  to get himself into the popular Puerto Rico, As Mark had explained in the stream, "Facebook is doing its part to help the hurricane victims on the island" and apart from financial or monetary assistance from Zuck, he is also offering its Artificial intelligence maps (AI maps) to aid search and rescue team on the island. the AI-maps will help to create a location density map to help indicate where people were last seen before the disaster on the island.

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Mark also revealed to us that; Facebook is sharing AI-Maps with red cross in the Peurto Rico Island and they are joining hands with Tech NonProfit "NetHope". 

Mark Zuckerberg and Dwyer Zuck and Dwyer then moved themselves rapidly to the "Oculus Connect stage", and later, the moon. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg 'should be back on earth' in time for the main event on Wednesday, where he will definitely announce plenty of new Virtual Reality (VR) Updates.

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