MTN, 9mobile, GLO, Airtel Free Browsing Cheat With Any VPN

After Etisalat changed to 9mobile, I and my users have been experiencing some issues with browsing for free most especially with so many VPN's. I have also tried  to browse for free but it was to no avail but now i have finally revealed the secret after lots and lots of research.

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It won't be nice knowing the secret and not sharing it on my blog for my friends and readers to read and also comment on my blog with lots and lots of testimonies, I have written todays post for every one of you that is using MTN, 9mobile, GLO and Airtel networks to browse so that no one would be left out.

9MOBILE and GLO Users kindly download Anonytun VPN here before proceeding.
Note: Android Devices with lower versions will not support AnonyTun VPN

After downloading this application from Google Play Store, kindly install it and follow the steps below:

* Launch the application on your android device, select 'stealth health' and kindly change the connection protocol to 'HTTP' while the connection port should equally be changed to '8080'.

* Kindly turn on 'Custom TCP and HTTP Header', navigate and tap on 'edit custom TCP and HTTP header'.

* A space will be provided for you where you will be required to input the custom tcp/http header you want to edit. Copy the information the way i will type it below.
Request Method: Post
Inject Method: Normal
Mark User-agent
Leave other spaces for me to fill
Leave all other boxes unpicked to avoid malfunction

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Now, i hope you can see that you are getting closer more and more to your goal.
* Select 'generate' and 'save' all the editing you have made.
Now go back to the home page and connect..... within some seconds you are ready to enjoy 9mobile free browsing cheat for 2017.

GLO Users kindly download Anonytun VPN here before proceeding.
Note: Android Devices with lower versions will not support AnonyTun VPN

For the smart readers, you all know i do not need to explain much or give tips on this one again because you are using the same VPN but still LuqTech is generous and we will continue giving tips and also help users solve any issue related to TECH and Free Browsing Cheats.

* Select 'Stealth health' from device options and also change the connection protocol to 'HTTP', Connection port should also be changed to '8080'.
* Equally Turn on TCP/HTTP Header, select edit and fill in the information the same way i will provide it below without any attachments.

Request Method: POST
Inject Method: Normal
Mark User-agent
Leave other spaces for me to fill, 
Kindly select generate and save.
Go back to your homepage and connect for free with GLO.

Note: If the steps stated in the post does not work for you, kindly comment below.

MTN just released access to one of their everlasting free browsing cheat with PSIPHON VPN, and today i am going to show you how to use this cheat on Psiphon VPN to enjoy eternal browsing.

Before we jump into the steps, i hope you have download the PsiphonHandler VPN.apk, if you have not download the apk. file, kindly click here 

After downloading the application, kindly install the apk. file and launch it on your android device.

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Mark: Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server: (Note: Please do not manipulate a proxy server)
Real Proxy Port: 80
Kindly save and navigate to Region "Select UNITED STATE" 
Select more options and choose "Connect Through HTTP"
Insert Host Address:
Port: 8080

Mission Successful, kindly connect the VPN and continue to enjoy MTN Free Browsing Cheat with Psiphon VPN.

For some time now so many users have been complaining about Airtel Free Browsing Cheat with Psiphon VPN that it is not connecting, well the fact is that so many users are busy on the server that is why most of you have been experiencing some issues. 
The issue you all have been experiencing will all end here because i will share the solution to you all.

Before we start anything, please download and install Psiphon Handler here 
* Tick remove port
* Proxy Type: No proxy
* Proxy Server:
* Real proxy server type: Default
* Real proxy server: empty (leave it for me to fill)
* Real proxy port: 80       (now save your settings)
Select Country/Region: Germany/Netherlands/Singapore 
Select More Options:
Tick 'connect through HTTP'
Host Address:
Host port:     8080

Congratulations to everyone of you, now i know nobody is left out.
Comment to let me know if it worked perfectly well for you.

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